Editing Exercise & Layout

So here’s my selections on the race-car-dad-turned-pageant-father story.

I focused the story around the fact that most pageant enthusiasts are the mothers and he is obviously different. The photos I chose reflect masculinity. I did put in the tickling picture because it seems like the only unscripted moment in the take and clues the viewer in to their relationship. I also liked the closer because it does show that the mother is present in these endeavors even if she isn’t taking the lead role. Plus the closer shows the outcome of their efforts.

I had a real problem with playing up the “race car driver” aspect in the headline (although I did put it in the sub-head) because this other life is nowhere in the visuals. Granted he has long since given up his race-car life but he is a truck driver. There is nothing visually to show his current vocation. I wish there was since that would make “trucker-turned-pageant-dad” story more complete. Alas. I worked with what was provided.

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